Accoya Timber (Acetylated wood)

Accoya® is a uniquely modified timber which comes with an international 50 years warranty (Detailed information can be found on Being the only natural timber to ever achieve Singapore Green label, Accoya is the only choice material where beauty meets reliability.

Tricoya Acetylated Wood Panel

REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY The technology behind Tricoya® wood elements is based on wood acetylation, a process that has been studied by scientists around the world for more than 80 years. Find out more on

Charred Wood

NEW TREND, NEW DESIGN - traditional Japanese flame technique, “Shou Sugi Ban” & "Brushed Shou Sugi Ban"

Timber Revitalization

Here at MMF, we provide timber repairs and revitalization services as well. Replacing and maintaining existing timber and structures. Breathing life back into your space.

WOCA Exterior Oil

WOCA exterior oil is a environmental friendly products. Ideal for all outdoor wood surfaces. The special water-based composition oil ensures clean up easily with water and friendly to the environment.

From sketch to finish

MMF staffs will always Eveready to provide technical assistance when there is a needs to ensure every processing and installation is properly carry out in strict accordance without any short cut to complete the job. we strongly believe that good quality material and workmanship can come hand in hand with environmental care.

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